Monday, May 19, 2014

Jane's Social Studies - May 19 & 20 - Grades 7 & 8

Monday, May 19th 

In Class:

7th Grade HW
Return "History Alive!" textbook in class on Tuesday. 

8th Grade HW:

Tuesday, May 20th

In Class:
Greek Games
Feedback on Curriculum


Nicole's B Period 8th Grade Algebra - May 19 and 20

Monday, May 19

In class: Review activity - absolute value, factor quadratics, and multiply rational expressions


Neil, Olivia, and Sarah - 30 minutes of 1) matching game and 2) Day 10 Quadratic Formula review

Ben, Charlie, and Atherton - Finish the in-class review worksheet and complete the matching game.

Nicole's 7th Grade Math (H) - May 19 and 20

Monday, May 19

In class: Graphing one-variable inequalities

Homework: Translating Verbal Inequalities worksheet. Be sure to write and solve an inequality for each problem. Then graph (on a number line) your solution.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mac's 6th Grade Humanities, Week of May 19 - 23

Monday, May 19 - G Day - No F Period

A Period - Collaborative poetry activity

C and D Periods - Poetry, Meridian, and classroom clean-up time.


  • Move all your goal work into the family folder that Simon shared with you over the weekend
  • Work on your goal graphs, 5 goal reflections and overall year reflection
  • Meridian submissions due Tuesday.  You may submit as many as you like.
Please check in later in the week for more details.

Geometry-Mr. Word 5/19-5/23

This will be our final week of class. Monday and Tuesday we will be reviewing for your final, which you will take Wednesday. 
Per B
Homework Assignment
Final Exam Review
Continue working on Practice Test
Final Exam Review
Continue working on Practice Test

Final Exam
Given by Simon

No Class


No Class

Thursday, May 15, 2014

$10 project presentation

$10 project final presentation

You are to make (separate from your partner), a powerpoint that summarizes your $10 project. It is to include, on different slides, the following information.

- Your name (and your partners).
- The organization you raised money for, and why you chose this organization.
- Why should I (anyone who sees your presentation) care about the organization? 
- What you did.
- Amount of money raised
- What you learned in the process.

You should have pictures of your event.

DUE Monday May 26th via email.

Goal Reflection Portfolio 2013-14

Goal Reflection Portfolio 2013-14
Setting, working towards, recording, assessing and reflecting upon your goals is a key part of your growth as a student and an individual at Dunn. Throughout the year, you proposed, discussed, and set goals that were reflected upon on a weekly basis, and at two interim reporting periods. You are to use these reflections in order to create an end of the year Goal Reflection Portfolio which is due on May 30th. These will be presented at school prior to the slideshow.
In the “portfolio,” you are to include the following items:
1.       Your conference letter
2.       Weekly Goal reflection checklists—should already be completed
Still to be completed:
3.       A goal graph that shows demonstrates your journey based on the rating out of 5 on a weekly basis.
4.       Five individual 200 word reflections—One per goal area—(Moral  Courage, Physical Readiness, Academic Excellence, Social Responsibility, Emotional Wellness). Students should refer to their goal graph, weekly reflections, and their periodic reflections.
5.       One overall 350 word reflection—does not need to focus on the goals, but should speak to the year as a whole. For graduating 8th grade students, this can reflect upon your entire time as a student at DMS.
6.       A physical representation of your year here at Dunn. This is a chance to demonstrate your creativity and your artistic side. This too does not need to be related to your goals, but can be.
Items 1 through 5 are to be placed in a binder that we will provide for you. The physical representation is something you create in your own time, and bring to school on Thursday May 29th
Goal graph—Should be completed online  by  Tuesday May 20th. You will have instructions during G period Monday morning. To be checked by family leader. This is to be placed in the folder with your name on it, shared with you at the start of the week.
Goal reflections---to be checked by family leaders—should be completed online by May 23rd.  These are to be placed in the folder with your name on it, shared with you at the start of the week.
Final reflection—to be checked by Simon—due Wednesday May 28th.  This is to be placed in the folder with your name on it, shared with you at the start of the week. .